Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Achieve Perfect Makeup Application with a Zozae Makeup Brush Kit + Giveaway US Only - Ends 7/9

I'm happy to let you know you can end your search for the perfect set of makeup brushes! (I'll give you a moment to cry a couple happy tears!)  Zozae has come out with a set of premium makeup brushes that will make you never buy another cheapo drugstore brush again!!

The Zozae 8-pc makeup brush kit is comprised of 8 (duh) quality synthetic brushes that all perform beautifully.  Whether it's the big fluffy powder brush or the small lip brush, these brushes can help you achieve flawless makeup application.

Arriving boxed, the brushes come in a foldover snap case - each having their own slot and each individually wrapped.  The two bigger brushes have a plastic cover to help keep them extra clean and to retain their shape. There's also a flap to help protect your brushes from getting dusty.

Each kit contains:

*Powder Brush
*Foundation Brush
*Angled Blush/Contour Brush
*Lip Brush
*Angled Eyeliner Brush
*Eyeshadow Shader Brush
*Tapered Blending Brush
*Flat Concealer Brush

I have been using these daily for just about a month and am happy to report there has been no shedding, no loss of shape, and makeup (bronzer, blush) really clings to the fibers, so not a lot of product blowing around (or falling down the front of your top!!) 

They also wash easily and dry nicely --- no odd stiffness or getting out of shape after washing. <--which you should be doing at least once a month, but I'm now super vigilant about it and do it every Friday. You can check out the post I wrote about the importance of cleaning makeup brushes and how to do it if you would like more info!

Aside from how well these makeup brushes work, the two things I really like about this set that I didn't find with the last big kit I tried.....each brush is labeled with what type of brush it is.  I appreciate that because not everyone is a makeup maven or professional makeup artist (myself included!) so it helps to know what the brushes actually are!!   I also like the size of this kit.  My other one was too big to pop in my purse, but this one is just right. Perfect for taking along with you for those mid-day or after the gym touch ups!  This kit is definitely coming with me on my next flight!

This kit normally sells for $90 - but right now it's on sale for $58.78 - complete with 100% satisfaction guarantee! You also get a free eBook full of makeup tips & tricks with your purchase! For more information on Zozae, you can check out their website and connect with them on Facebook!

Ready to win a kit for yourself!!??! Just enter on the form below! Only one entry per person/email/IP please.  Winner is randomly drawn and will be contacted by email once winning entry has been verified. Winner will then have 48 hours to respond or another winner will need to be drawn.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on July 9, 2015 at 11:59pm!

Good luck!


Zozae 8-Pc Makeup Brush Kit

Disclaimer:  I received the above product at no cost in order to facilitate this review.  The above review is based on my own opinion of, and experience with, this product.  Yours may differ. My Fab Fit Forties is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review: Adeline Organic Eye Serum

I recently received Organic Eye Serum from Adeline to review and am happy to share my thoughts with you -- and if you experience any sort of discoloration, puffiness, brown spots, fine lines, or crow's feet, you'll really want to pay attention!! 

This organic serum contains some of the most natural & effective ingredients to help you get a younger, healthier looking eye area with regular use.  Inside each 0.5oz pump applicator bottle, you'll find:

-- Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which improves collagen production & helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet
-- Chamomile Extract soothes skin around your eyes & reduces puffiness
-- Cucumber Extract (like other extracts in the aloe family) moisturizes your skin to help diminish lines & wrinkles
-- Sunflower Seed Oil contains antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E to prevent free radical damage, as well as fatty acids to prevent premature aging & promote new cell growth
-- Uva Ursi Leaf Extract is a natural source of Hydroquinone (a strong inhibitor of melanin production). This helps reduces inflammation & the appearance of brown spots

So what can you expect by using Adeline's Organic Eye Serum:

-- A reduction in fine lines & wrinkles around the eye area

-- Visibly less puffiness in as little as 24 hours
-- An increase in micro-circulation which helps drainage and skin renewal

I had a very positive experience using this eye serum.  I loved how just the tiniest of product was all it took to do both of my eye areas. Don't even press the pump even halfway down or you'll end up with way too much product --- although I don't think it would hurt to use it on other parts of your face. In fact, if I'm being completely honest, I have used this on more than just my eyes.

I feel a little bit of a tingle when I use this serum, which basically has zero scent to it (good for anyone who has sensitivities). It's clear and lightweight, so it absorbs very quickly without any tackiness left behind.  

I have not noticed a lot of improvement in the dark circle department, but mainly because I had been using another product previous to this one that has really made my dark circles almost nonexistent, but where I've really noticed this serum helping me is with any puffiness I've had in the morning due to not enough sleep or being out too late having a few too many white wine spritzers! Using this serum has greatly lessened their appearance and often times I wake up with no puffiness at all.

I've been using this morning and night for about a month and I've still got over half of the bottle left --- so this will last me a few months before I need to replenish my stock --- it would last longer if I just used it at night - and didn't use it on my whole face sometimes! I actually keep it in my refrigerator because I love how it feels when it goes on cold!) 

The Organic Eye Serum is natural and gentle -- both alcohol and paraben free, it's a perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin. It's produced and packaged in an FDA- Certified facility. 

Adeline Skin Care not only takes care of its customers by using quality natural ingredients in their products, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee - so you've nothing to lose by trying their product. They also believe in giving back to the world, so a portion of each sale goes toward digging a well in a community that has limited resources.  So you can feel good knowing that your purchase helps give to to others!

Adeline Organic Eye Serum is on sale at Amazon right now for $23.54 (the list price is $50!!)


Disclaimer:  I received the above product in order to facilitate this review. The above review is based on my own honest opinion of - and experience with - this product. Yours may differ. #Adeline

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fashion Focus: The Rose Leather Clutch by Pink Tulips Review & Giveaway US Ends 7/5

Nothing can bring an outfit to life more than a pop of color -- but not everyone is a fashion adventurer and wearing lots of bright or bold colors can be a bit intimidating.  In that case, nothing does the trick more than a pair of colorful shoes or a bag with a bright color to make an outfit come to life!!

The Rose Leather Clutch by Pink Tulips is one such bag that can really add a new dimension to basic outfits with it's gorgeous ruby red color and fun gold tone clasp bow detail.  

The bag is nice and roomy, measuring in at 11"W x 5.5"H x 2.5" D with (one of my favorite features) a detachable and adjustable thin shoulder strap.  Long enough to wear crossbody style or adjust to wear as a shoulder bag.  Remove completely and you have a fun clutch - my favorite way to use this bag!

The outside of the Rose Leather Clutch is made of high quality Napa Leather. The stitching was immaculate and while a little stiff at first, the leather is now naturally softening up the more I open & close the bag. The lining inside the bag is a super soft pink microsuede. I love the contrast in color between the leather and lining.  There's also a small inside pocket to keep cash or ID at the ready!

I know when I think of a clutch, I think of a really small bag that can maybe hold a lipstick, cell phone and credit card! Traditionally, they're certainly not the bag you'd reach for if you need to take more than a couple of items with you! This bag is surprisingly roomy -- I can easily fit my full size wallet, full set of keys, big sunglasses, a bulky cellphone (had to dig that one out since I was using my actual phone to take pics!), lip stick, and lip gloss (you know I break out in twitching if I don't have lip gloss on me at all times, right?!) --- everything fit!

You can take this bag along with you and add some life to a casual black & white outfit or wear with more formal attire.  It's very versatile and no matter what you choose to wear it with, you can be sure you'll receive a compliment or twelve!! The red is just perfect to wear out on a Valentine's Day date or jazz up your Fourth of July outfit!

(Left: Top by Marina Luna, pants by Ralph Lauren. Middle: Dress by Abercrombie & Fitch. Right: Dress by Adrienne Vittadini, necklace by Majestical)

The Rose Leather Clutch is available on Pink Tulips and sells for $165.00. It is also available in Ink Black.  If a clutch isn't your cup of tea, no worries - Pink Tulips has dozens of styles of bags to choose from!

Pink Tulips is a Connecticut based company founded by Annette Cook, who has the entrepreneurial spirit running in her family --- her great-grandfather was an inventor! In fact, he patented the pull-down fire alarm and the fuse!!  She is now living her dream of bringing quality, stylish handbags to modern women everywhere and is proud of her commitment to bring production of these bags to the USA after previously been imported in. I have to point this out since I realize it would be much cheaper to make these bags overseas -- so I think it's important to support these businesses who strive to keep production - and jobs - in the US! 

You can keep up with Annette and Pink Tulips on social media by following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Ready for some awesome news?? If you use code MYFABFITFORTIES at checkout, you can save an additional 20% off your Pink Tulips order!!

Did I mention that shipping is always free?!

(but wait..............there's more!!)

Pink Tulips has generously provided me with an additional Rose Leather Clutch to giveaway! The lucky winner will be receiving a clutch just like the one I was able to review!

If you want to enter, just fill out the form below! One entry per person/email/IP please.  Winner is randomly drawn and will be contacted by email once the winning entry has been verified.  Winner then has 48 hours to respond to the email or another winner will need to be drawn.

This giveaway is open to residents of the US only and will end at 11:59pm on July 5, 2015 (giving a little extra day for the 4th of July holiday!)

Good luck!!


Rose Leather Clutch by Pink Tulips $165

Disclaimer:  I was provided the above bag at no cost in order to facilitate this review.  My review is based on my own honest opinion of, and experience with, this product. Yours may differ. Pink Tulips is sponsoring this giveaway, but My Fab Fit Forties is solely responsible for prize shipment to winner.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength Eye Serum by SkinPro Review & Giveaway US/Can Ends 6/30

I think serums are one of the best things to hit the skin care market in a long time.  I have such a love/hate relationship with traditional creams & moisturizers. My skin loves the moisture, but sometimes they can leave my face feeling clogged up and greasy. For me, serums are an absolute dream, and SkinPro's Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength eye serum is no exception!

I have tried SkinPro serums before with good results and was more than happy to try the extra strength version of their scientifically designed and clinically tested Elite Serum Rx.  This new version contains the highest concentration of skin care peptides - more than any other eye serum on the market!

From the minute you get the box, which looks like an iPhone box, you'll notice how well the unique serum syringe is packaged. They have not only enhanced the formula, but it now comes in a 14ml Airless Syringe which makes you able to dispense the clear, fragrance free serum in a precise drop.  You don't have to worry about pumping out too much product, which is just wasteful! (I hate when that happens!!) 

Benefits of using Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength include:

Peptides & ingredients that make the magic happen include: Argireline®, Hyloxyl®, Eyeliss™, Matrixyl®3000, SYN®-COLL, SNAP-8, pure Hyaluronic Acid, SYN®-TC, INYLINE®, and Red & Green Seaweed Extract. These all band together to help produce more collagen which in turn will make your skin more supple....and plumped out supple skin fills out those fine lines!

Not only does the airless syringe design pump out just the right amount of serum, it comes with a safety tip and a security lock! These are important features because they help keep the product contamination free - and you won't have to worry about any leakage/dripping when it's locked! Great feature when you're traveling with it!

So make sure you keep the white safety tip on when you're not using the serum and, with the syringe tip pointed up, turn the applicator pump counter-clockwise to lock it as well......just make sure to unlock before trying to use or you may break the pump! <---very important to remember since most products out there don't have this feature, so it's something you almost have to train yourself to do!

I use the serum twice a day after washing and patting my face dry. I don't press the pump all the way down, just enough to get a drop out, which is enough for me to use under both eyes.  I just dab it gently on and massage it in a bit.  It absorbs very quickly which I love.  It feels nice and cool when it's on and you can use it by itself or along with other products. 

Each syringe can last you between 45-60 days when you use the product as directed. While you can expect to see maximum results after six months of use, I've found that you can see the difference after just a couple of weeks of use -- especially for my dark circles! I didn't realize just how much until I took the after picture!

You can purchase Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength right on their website for $89.95, plus shipping -- but they have a fantastic option where you can order a tube for $59.95, plus shipping and then every 30 days you'll automatically receive a tube in the mail and be billed for $59.95, plus shipping. This is a great way to save money (33%) and not have to worry about running out or remembering to have to order more!

You can interact with Elite Serum on FacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube. It's a great way to be the first to know about specials, new products, and find great beauty tips. You can also stay up-to-date on other reviews & giveaways!

Ready to see how Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength can help you have a more youthful look? Enter to win one just  like I reviewed above! 

Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below and you're in it to win it!! Only one entry per person/email/IP please! Winner is randomly drawn and will be contacted by email once winning entry has been verified.  Winner then has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.

Open to residents of US & Canada 18+ years of age & will end at 11:59pm on June 30, 2015.

Good luck!!


Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength Eye Serum

Disclaimer:  I received the above product at no cost in order to facilitate this review.  The above review is based on my own opinion of, and experience with, this product. Yours may differ. My Fab Fit Forties is not responsible for giveaway prize fulfillment.  Per Canadian sweepstakes law, if winner is a Canadian resident, a basic skills question will need to be answered before being declared winner. Winner is responsible for any taxes that accompany this prize. 

You'll Find Stylish Workout or Everyday Wear with RBX Active

Since I've basically been living in activewear for the past couple of years, I can definitely attest to the fact that no two pairs of bottoms are ever the same. I've been disappointed more than once when buying a pair of exercise pants/leggings only to find that they either cut in so terribly with tight elastic...or the seams are so basic, I'm afraid to walk up stairs in them, much less doing Pilates in them! <---it's no fun walking through Philly with split pants! Or my most dreaded yoga pants fail of them all.....discovering the fabric is sheer -- which of course you don't discover until you catch a peek at yourself....after you've left the house and there's no turning back! <--it's no fun walking through Philly with see thru pants either!

I recently tried the Digital Camo Legging from RBX Active and not only are they a really cool print (it's fun to get away from basic black now and then), they passed all of my tests - no pinching, strong seams, and not sheer!

The Digital Camo Legging is one of RBX Active's signature styles - they're made out of a silky soft polyester/spandex blend and are machine washable. Available in four abstract patterns in sizes ranging from Small (4/6) to XL (12/14).  

I received the large (8/10) and its 21.5" inseam fit me just right. I loved the wide flat waist panel which didn't dig into my skin at all. The pattern was really fun and even though they fit like a second skin, any lumps were camouflaged! (not that I have any....nooooooooo, not me!) A really nice touch was the flat front pocket at the waistband. Just the right size to tuck in your gym card, a couple of dollars, or your house keys!

The four way stretch material was very breathable and its wicking properties pulls sweat away from the skin, so even though I may have worked up a good sweat, I didn't feel drenched.  As a personal preference, I do wish it had a cotton gusset, but it's not a deal killer when selecting bottoms. I love the flat lock seams (see top right pic above) -- you can tell they're not going anywhere. Very secure - so move, stretch, jump and bend with confidence!

I have washed these leggings several times (cold water wash/dry on low) and they retain their shape, haven't shrunk at all, and the colors and feel of the material are the same as the day I received them!  

The price point for these leggings is just right too (as is their entire line) - they're just $29.99. With people more active than ever, the great quality and reasonable price makes it easy to build a whole wardrobe of affordable activewear to rotate & mix and match!

Camera hog.....

RBX Active arrived on the activewear scene just three years ago and I can see why they've been growing ever since -- great products, fantastic quality, awesome styles, and perfect pricing. Their styles are such that you can easily wear them to the gym then right out to run your errands or meet a friend for lunch. 

Follow RBX Active socially to stay up-to-date on sales, new products, tips and motivation! You can connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Look for RBX Active at department stores, sporting goods stores and specialty retailers -- not to mention on their website! Speaking of.....

Ready for a great deal? My Fab Fit Forties readers can take an additional 25% off their order when you use COUPON CODE Active25 at checkout!!  You can shop for the whole family since they carry clothes for women, men, and kids! You'll also find shoes, sunglasses, and fitness items like activity trackers, water bottles, and items for yoga & cardio!

Outfit your healthy, active lifestyle with comfortable, fashionable, and functional clothing from RBX Active!


Disclaimer:  I received the above product in order to facilitate this post.  The above review is based on my own experience with, and opinion of, this product. Yours may differ.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

GoPro HERO + LCD Launches at Best Buy #Sponsored

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Best Buy. The reviewer has been compensated
 in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

We all know Best Buy is the place to go for the latest and greatest cameras and camcorders, so it's no surprise that they'd be launching a great new product - arriving in stores just in time for Father's Day!

Help Dad capture all his adventures (and relive them right on the spot) with the GoPro HERO + LCD - the GoPro camera is perfect for getting those once in a lifetime memories and action shots of friends, family, and every magical moment that life has in store! The LCD display lets you check out the shots without having to wait!

Notable features of the GoPRO HERO + LCD include:

-  1080p60 video, 8MP photos and built-in Wi-Fi, plus the convenience of a touch display.
-  Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connect to the GoPro App for shot preview, total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Check out this shot! Doesn't it capture every little detail so crisp & clear? I love how vibrant the colors are too!

(How bad to you want to jump into that pool right now!?!)

You can score this great cam just in time for Father's Day - and Best Buy has some great offers going on right now!

-   HERO+LCD (Sku 6954009) with free 32GB Extreme Plus memory card (Sku 9387066). Valid 6/14-6/20
-   Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of the GoPro HERO4 Silver (Sku 8374096) or GoPro HERO4 Black (Sku 8374078). Valid 6/7-6/20

This would also make a great gift for the new grad, travel lover, expectant parents, or treat yourself! Special memories and milestones only happen once. Help capture them with the GoPro Hero and treasure them forever!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Best Buy. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. #GoProatBestBuy

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Announcing Boiling Springs Savings Bank's "Gift for Garden State Grads" Program

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Boiling Springs Savings Bank
While I will receive compensation for my participation, the 
following post is based on my honest opinion/experience.

I know many of my friends - as well as yours truly - wish we had gotten into the habit of saving money earlier in life.  I'm sure a few of you can relate too. Getting into good money habits and truly learning how to manage money is something I really only learned the importance of in my 30's. I grew up with a family that subscribed to the "spend it if you got it...and charge it if you don't" mentality.  As an adult, it soon became exhausting to constantly be money stressing and juggling bills. I didn't even have a checking account until my mid-20's....and I encountered plenty of bumps learning about that! Managing money, while not something that came naturally to me, was difficult to do at first, but once that little nest started growing, it literally was like a weight being taken off of me.

Knowing how good financial fitness feels after starting out on the wrong foot, I made it a point to start savings accounts for the young ones in my family and teach them about savings/spending, how money works, and how not giving into instant gratification can pay off in the long run.  Boiling Springs Savings Bank also believes in the importance of students learning the value of money and has a fantastic program running for New Jersey residents, ages 14-23! The "Gift for Garden State Grads" program runs through June 30, 2015.

So how does the "Gift for Garden State Grads" program work? (Well I'm glad you asked!) When a student age 14-23 visits his/her nearest location and opens a Student Checking Account with a $20.15 (or more) deposit, they will receive a $20.15 interest bonus deposit from Boiling Springs Savings Bank in addition to the initial deposit.  

The Student Checking Account is designed to be a fantastic first checking account for high school students who are right at that perfect age to learn how to properly manage their money. It's also great for students heading off to college or even recent graduates just starting off in a new career. These are the years where you not only start incurring some bills of your own, but you really start thinking about all the "big" things in life you aspire to have. BSSB is set to show students and parents alike that saving money is not only important, it can be very easy.

Benefits of opening a BSSB Student Checking Account:

- No monthly fees
- Earn interest on all balances
- Free specialty checks
- Discount on custom checks
- Free online banking
- Free online bill paying
- Free 24-hour telephone banking
- Minimum deposit to open account is just $1.00
- Free transactions at Boiling Springs ATM's with a Boiling Springs ATM card or      Debit Mastercard.
- Direct deposit
- Overdraft protection transfer service available

...and once the student account holder reaches age 23, their account will convert to a regular NOW account.

To learn more about this program, you can watch this handy video. You can also follow BSSBank socially on both Facebook and Twitter.

There really is no greater gift we can give the children in our lives than to set them off on the right foot financially with knowledge in knowing how important it is to save, and how to manage, their money --- whether it's $10 or $10,000. Pop by your local Boiling Springs Savings Bank today to set up a Student Checking Account for your young loved ones and remember, the "Gift for Garden State Grads" promotion ends June 30!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in which I will receive compensation for, but all opinions & experiences expressed in the above post are my own.