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Spa For Ma Giveaway Hop - Win a Jane Iredale Grab & Go Makeup Kit ($98) US Only - Ends 9/15

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Welcome to the 4th annual Spa for Ma Giveaway Hop hosted by 

I have teamed up with over 50 incredible bloggers to bring you prizes that help mom to get some much awaited R&R now that the kids are back in school!

If you're unfamiliar with what a giveaway hop is, here's how it works:  after you enter my giveaway below, you just "hop" on to the next participating blog to enter their giveaway as well. You can find links to all the blogs towards the bottom of this post.
Did I mention there's also a fabulous Grand Prize? It is for an incredible 
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Kohls Gift Card


I recently reviewed the Grab & Go Makeup Kit by Jane Iredale and the generous people over at Beauty Care Choices would like to offer one of you the chance to win the same awesome kit, which normally sells for $98 (and contains $140 worth of multi-functional cosmetics!).

You can read my review to see more photos and read all about the products you'll be receiving!!

The Grab & Go Kit (in warm) contains:

- Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink
- Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner & Highlighter in Citrine
- My Steppes Tri-Level Makeup Kit with mirror containing:
  *PureGloss in Iced Mocha & Crabapple
  *PurePressed Blush in Whisper
  *Bronzer in Bronze-3
- Mini Blush Brush
- Roomy Zippered Case

Ready to enter to win? Just enter on the rafflecopter form below! Only one entry per person/email/IP please! Winner will be randomly drawn and contacted via email once winning entry is verified.  Winner then has 48 hours to respond before another winner will need to be drawn.

This giveaway is open to US only and will end on September 15, 2014 at 11:59pm

Good luck - and don't forget to go down the linky and enter for your chance to win even more great prizes in the #Spa4Ma giveaway hop!


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Welcome to the Ready to POP! [a Labor Day inspired Giveaway Hop] hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

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My giveaway is open to US only and will end at 11:59pm on September 15, 2014.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Jane Iredale Just For Me Grab & Go Makeup Kit (Warm)

Spa for Ma

When I travel, it's important for me to condense as much as I can into my carry-on (I hate checking bags).  Part of my strategy is to bring cosmetics with me that are multi-functional and/or compact.

Jane Iredale has a great line of cosmetics - containing no talc, mineral oil, chemical dyes or preservatives, available from Beauty Care Choices.  The product I'm highlighting today is the "Grab & Go" kit in Warm.

Whether you're going away for vacation, or just want a little kit to grab & keep in your gym bag or desk at work, you'll find multi-functional makeup to help give you a fresh, polished look throughout your day.

The warm kit contains the following items:

- Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink

- Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner and Highlighter in Citrine

- My Steppes Makeup Kit, which includes:
  * PureGloss in Iced Mocha and Crabapple
  * PurePressed Blush in Whisper
  * Bronzer in So-Bronze 3

Also included:

- Mini Blush Brush
- Zippered Case

Let me go over these items with you!

The Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink leaves your lips moisturized with just a hint of color.  If you dab just a smidge on the apples of your cheek, you're left with a healthy rosy glow.  

The really cool thing about this all-natural (olive butter, avocado butter, rose wax, beeswax) product is that it adjusts to your chemistry to give you just the right shade that works for we could use the same product and get two different shades once we apply it! It was not tacky at all and I could go a fairly long time without having to reapply it. That's important to me since I am a lip gloss addict.

The hypoallergenic Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner & Highlighter in Citrine was really interesting because I've never seen a product like this where the makeup was actually in the cap!  One end of this pencil was a pearly pale gold highlighter & the other contained the eyeliner, which was a shimmery bronze. I think you could easily use it as an eye shadow as well.  

The dual-end applicators are on a spring which shoots into the cap - when you pull it out, you've got just the right amount of makeup ready to go! No tapping, no dust, no waste.  

I liked that neither of these shades were blaring - especially the highlighter - sometimes you see someone wearing highlighter and it's like "Woah!! That's white!!!" - this one is a subtle, yet noticeable, soft gold. I also liked that, despite how creamy & easy to glide on these were, there was no smearing or creasing.

I'm a sucker for makeup in a palette...and the My Steppes Makeup Kit in Warm is really neat because you get four products each neatly stacked on top of one another in a mirrored compact.  You simply twist to reveal one - or all three - products you want to use.  The blush, in Whisper, was a shade that I would normally buy and looked very natural with just a bit of shimmer to it. The bronzer, in Bronze-3, was also something I would purchase and the shade was a very natural tan - no Oompa-Loompa!  

When I first saw the lip glosses, my first thought was they are shades I wouldn't buy if I just saw it at the store.  They look dark in the compact....but when they're on, the Iced Mocha as well as the Crabapple (red) were sheer. The consistency of the gloss was a lot thicker than the Lip Stain and a bit tacky, but the colors were nice.  I would have liked to have seen a small lip blush included in this kit, as it can get a little messy dabbing your finger in it. I'd definitely suggest using one with this kit.  Overall, I liked this kit - it's very well constructed and it has a good sized mirror too!

Speaking of brushes, you do get a nice size brush to use with the blush & bronzer - it's about 4" long, so it's easy to use.  I love kits that come with decent brushes and not those little teeny one inchers!!

These products all come in a nice zip top bag.  Clear plastic on one side and a woven pewter shade on the other.  It's roomy enough for these products and several more you'll want to add to your kit (mascara, concealer, etc..)

One thing I really liked about the Jane Iredale site on Beauty Care Choices is they have a whole information section for Vegans - letting you know what products contain beeswax, carmine, and lanolin.  I thought that was a really thoughtful thing to do. 

I also like that each item comes with an instruction sheet with tips on how to apply these items flawlessly!

These items are also available separately, and have a combined value of $140!! The Grab & Go Kit, currently available in 'Cool', sells for $98. That's over a $40 savings! 

To save even more - Beauty Care Choices is offering an additional discount to My Fab Fit Forties readers on any purchase from their site (and they have over 200 hair, makeup, and skin care brands to choose from - and countless products!)

You can follow Beauty Care Choices on:



Now.....a little teaser.....stay tuned for a little giveaway coming your way....where you might just win a kit just like this for yourself!!


Disclaimer: I received the above product in order to facilitate this review.  The above review is based on my own experience with, and opinion of, this brand & product. Yours may differ. 

Giveaway: Turquoise Clutch Wallet by Apt 9 $36 - US - Ends 9/13

I love this line of Apt 9 wallets - they're slim, yet roomy enough to hold all of your credit cards, bills, change, and more. They're also fashionable enough to carry on their own, as a clutch....they're almost too pretty to put in another purse!!

The wallet I'm giving away is a pretty man-made woven style wallet with silver trim.  It has several slots for cards & ID as well as roomy pockets separated by a zippered compartment.

This wallet retails for $36.00

If you'd like to add this to your accessory collection - it's easy as pie to enter to win!  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!

Only one entry per person/email/IP please.  Winner is randomly drawn and will be contacted via email after winning entry is verified.  Winner will then have 48 hours to respond to that email before another winner will need to be drawn.

This giveaway is open to US only and will end on September 13, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Good luck!!!


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Disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with Apt 9 and only My Fab Fit Forties is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Latest Commercial Observations....

So I've had  a day to veg out by myself, get some stuff done around the house, and catch up on some horrible kill your brain cells TV shows...

The following snarky commentary is brought to you by its sponsor, Aunt Flo.

One station plays hair replacement commercials at every break it seems....and I think the same thing every time I see them...

In the before pics, they always seem like a perfectly nice, unassuming guys....the kind that probably bring all the ladies in their office a carnation on Valentine's Day or helps shovel out their neighbor's driveway in the Winter.

...but then...they get a little hair on their head....and the after pic is like they've transformed into the guy that suddenly has overnight business trips 40 miles away, calls every waitress 'baby', and will intentionally speed up when someone is trying to change lanes with their signal on.

Maybe it's just the smuggi-ness of this shot that I find disturbing entertaining

I have the same kind of feeling when I see the diet commercials they all have to show the after shot of the woman dancing? One poor woman looks like she hadn't walked in heels in 10 years - I don't think they should make her do the fox trot on top of it!

Maybe sometimes you should dance like someone's watching.

Next up...the Ahh Bra...although this could easily be the Genie Bra, or any other kind of body shaper/fat-sucker-inner item....

Why don't they ever use women who have the actual 'conditions' they're claiming these garments will know, underarm rolls, back fat, general skin spillage out of the undergarment...

I mean, are we supposed to believe that - underneath the four feet of material used to construct her bra - lurk well-hidden rolls?

I just wish they'd use women with back fat to demonstrate these bras.

That's all.

I don't want this lady out of work though, so maybe she could get a gig modeling the Tiddy Bear Comfort Strap.

I mock, but meanwhile the person who came up with this is on their yacht, drinking Cristal, being all tiddy-rich.

Alright I'm done my yammering...almost.

My last 'observation' is in regards to this little gem that starts out:

"For over 100 years we've been scrunching and folding toilet paper. Finally there's a better way"............

Um....I didn't know there were people out there (who had full mobility of course) that were thinking "man, its so tiresome and labor intensive to take the time to fold up the toilet paper to wipe....."

Were there people out there consistently failing at this task?

Behold the Comfort Wipe....

Now, instead of having an easy 4-step process consisting of:

- ripping off toilet paper
- scrunching
- wiping
- dropping in toilet

You can have the easier (???) 18-step process of

- ripping off toilet paper
- scrunching
- stuffing into hole on bottom of stick
- sticking stick between legs
- wiping
- missing
- cutting rear end with plastic
- trying again
- maneuvering awkwardly to remove the 18" stick that now has soiled TP on it
- pressing the top of stick which should release the toilet paper
- cussing loudly when soiled TP does not drop
- banging stick on side of toilet 
- crying when that doesn't work
- crab walking yourself over to the sink to get the rubber gloves you'll need to handle said toilet paper
- finally dropping TP in toilet
- cloroxing gloves
- googling WebMD about that cut
- spend 4 hours in ER  & 2 days in hospital getting treated for E-coli

Totally sounds worth the $19.99 to me!!

"The first improvement in toilet paper since the 1880's" the announcer says.

Is it?

"As easy to use as a shower brush"


Or you could save yourself a Jackson and rubber band some toilet paper to a shower brush. 

(and my next DIY blog post is born!!)

My favorite part is when a woman implores us to "Think about it. Toilet paper is archaic and disgusting."  --- um, no....using corncobs and a community sponge is archaic and disgusting.

...or maybe that's just me. 

Alright - I'm really done this time --- just thinking about using that thing exhausted me!

Are there any commercials out there that you find entertaining....or bewildering?


Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: OPI AvoJuice Coconut Melon Hand & Body Lotion

I know when I hear "OPI", I immediately think of nail polish - so I was really surprised to see Beauty Care Choices carries an OPI product called AvoJuice, a hand and body lotion line that turns out is different from any lotion I've used.

I received the OPI AvoJuice Hand & Body Lotion and as soon as I pumped a little out, I was in love with the scent.  It smells like Summer and just the best suntan lotion you can imagine.  

But the best part is how it actually feels.  It's a lotion and is a nice sturdy consistency, but it's not overly thick and it's not greasy at all.  It actually absorbs right into your skin and leaves zero residue...just silky soft skin.  

I loved that I can use it and not have to worry about it leaving my hands slippery or maybe staining my clothes if I swipe across them before it had absorbed.  I've tried a lot of lotions, but this one just soaked right in like no other! They call it a 'skin quencher' and that's a very good description. You're left feeling moisturized, super soft, and smelling oh so good!

This lotion is made up of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Aloe & Avocado extracts and comes in a 6.6 oz size (like the one I received) for $7.99 or a 20 oz size for $14.99. I see there's a travel size shown in the photo, but I didn't see that size on their website - but it would be great to have to keep in your purse or pop in your carry-on!

The push pump applicator is easy to use and the lotion doesn't go all over the place when you press it.  <---my lotion pet peeve!! The bottle has a nice feel to it, not cheaply made, and I think the new, brighter label and packaging is just as perky as the lotion inside.

If you're looking for a nourishing & healing lotion your skin will drink up without leaving you slick afterwards, and you love the scent of coconut & melon, this is one not to be missed.  I've already added this to my Christmas list!

OPI AvoJuice also comes in other scents too:  Jasmine, Ginger Lily, Mango, and Cran & Berry

You can order yours right from Beauty Care Choices, where you'll also find nearly 200 brands of beauty products for hair, skin, nails, cosmetics, & more to choose from. Shipping is always free with any $49 or more order!

To stay up-to-date with new brands, products, tips, and specials, you can follow #BeautyCareChoices on the following social media:


(I'm ending this because I'm now addicted to AvoJuice and must go apply more!)


 Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
The above review is based on my own opinion of, and experience with, this product - yours may differ.

Seriously?!! My Morning Full of Grossness (and it's not even noon!)

My hubby's running all over the place getting things in place before the new school year starts for him and I had some errands to run myself, so I set off by foot & bus this morning to get them done.  Now riding the bus in Philly is always an adventure.  Sometimes it's an adventure like "wow, this is great comedy material".....and other times it's an adventure like "gag, I need a decontamination shower".....occasionally it's an adventure like "hope I don't die on this bus today"......

Today was a mixed bag.

I set off to meet a friend for breakfast at the diner. During that never ending short 3 mile bus ride, I see:

- a man eating a whole fish, including the eyes...including the lip smacking sounds.....and including the smell. <---which, by the way, leaves you paranoid the rest of the day that you're walking around smelling like trout. So much for that "eating is prohibited" sign.

- the lady who is sitting next to me has her iPod turned up so loud, I can hear every lyric to the song she's listening to...."Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm the s**t. Got those haters pissed cause my toilet paper's thick". I don't even know what that means, but I'm going to go ahead and assume she wasn't listening to The Carpenters.  I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from laughing (and getting the follow up beat-down)....worst part...this song is forever lodged in my head-bank. I know when my husband comes home, I will immediately blurt that out to him just because I can.

- two heavily pregnant women putting out their cigarettes before getting on the bus.........this continues to boggle my mind every time I see it, which is way too often around here considering it's not 1950. I guess they can scratch asthma & emphysema off the baby shower registry. 

- a bottle hit the back of my foot that has rolled from the back of the bus.  I look down. It's a leaking Dasani water bottle, but unless they're selling lemonade now...(and we'll end that there)...I guess when you gotta go you gotta go.

So I get to the diner, covered in my fish perfume and pee shoe, and my friend and I are seated in a booth behind a couple with a teenage son.  I'm facing them.  The kid, who is around 15, keeps turning around and staring at us (and then our food when it arrives).....his parents continue to talk while he is completely turned around. It's around this time when my friend says "Someone ordered fish early enough, right?" <==== perfect. I proceed to chuckle uncomfortably in agreement. Thanks bus-fish.

The kid then starts hacking like he has advanced staged whooping cough, wrapped in pleurisy, and tied up in a cute little tuberculosis bow.  No mouth cover. No parental step-in.  Now the sneezing the point my friend has to move over, out of the direct line of fire from the germ storm. I do the little hand signal for "turn around" to him - accompanied by a look of moderate to high pure revulsion - and he does, but I couldn't believe this kid's parents didn't once say "hey turn around" or "cover your mouth". My next move was to revert back to being 10 and chanting "Say it don't spray it, I want the news not the weather" to him.  Manners matter, that's all I'm saying.

Just so I'm not totally whining in this post......the grilled tomato slices with my scrambled egg whites were a nice touch. 

I get back on the bus to go home........where my plan is to take a bath in Clorox, using Brillo Pads as a sponge.  Two blocks after we pull away, the bus starts smoking.  Off the bus we all go.  Waiting...waiting..hey, at least the pregnant girls can fire one up again. 

New bus comes....and it's full, but I find a seat that's in the back of the bus facing the aisle.  Across the aisle from me is a man who is looking at me....and if you've ridden the bus in the city for any period of time, you know that look means one of two things.....either you are about to get hit on (insert a lot of "baby" and lip biting here) so you have to act like you're deaf or deeply immersed in finding your happy place and just zone out.............or scenario two.....the guy is about to somehow finagle his manhood out of his which case you train your eyes to not look down.

Let's just say scenario two was the big winner.....and all I'm thinking as I see this with my peripheral vision, and what I really want to say (but am in no way going to engage this person in conversation) is "does this maneuver ever work for you?" I mean, has there ever been a woman that he did this to that was like "oh wow, thanks so much....can I get your number?" or "gee, I was having such a crappy day too until you showed me your beanbag...aren't you just a sweetie pie?"

Now I know you're thinking 'why didn't you say something' or 'you should've called the cops'.....a.) you do not want to engage these creeps, that's what they want.....and b.) they have this down where they will just tell the cops that it was their shorts or they were adjusting unless they've got the whole shebang out, it's not going to do anything - they've got their game down.

Speaking of game..

Three LONG miles later and I'm back at my stop. I'm literally a block away from my house when a MONK comes up to me.  I'm in a bad mood, but I mean it's a Monk - I can't tell him to go scratch. So he pulls out a beaded bracelet from his little sack and puts it on my wrist....he then asks me to write down what I wish for...and my choices are "Love", "Wealth", or "Peace" I choose "Peace" and write my first name next to it as directed.  

He then writes down next to my name "$20" and holds out his hand.

Are you kidding me??!  Did I totally just get suckered by a faux-Monk? So I say "oh nooooo, I'm not paying for that" which he replies, "but I gave bracelet". I take off the bracelet and give it back to him saying "Well, I guess we're broken up now" and walk away.

I can't believe that little scammin' Monk! That's a new game going around town I guess and I fell for it, hook - line - sinker!

So now I'm at home, still stewing in my grossness, but I had to write this all down because it was such an "action" packed morning, I just had to share.

I guess I can forget landing a gig as a Septa (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) Spokesperson now since I've done such a stellar job of promoting it!! 

...but guess who'll be right back on the bus tomorrow?! This girl.

TGIF indeed!