Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Solyvia Cosmetique Beauty Box Trio

If you are looking for a product that is based on nature that contains powerful anti-oxidants & anti-aging properties...look no further. I've got three for you right here!

From Corsica and made in France, I'd like to introduce you to the skin care brand Solyvia.

Using their patented HMC3® formula to target anti-aging, cell regenerating and is full of anti-oxidants, Solyvia has come up with The Beauty Box Trio.

The HMC3® Complex is a combination of five plants with exceptional benefits to the skin, including:

 ·  Immortelle from Corsica known for healing, anti-aging, and regenerating; increases the production of collagen
·  Myrtle is used as a stimulant, astringent, a natural tonic for dull and tired skin, resulting in skin stimulation and natural glow.
·  Wild Carrot is a powerful skin cell regenerator that promotes renewal and growth of skin cells
·  Landanifere Cistus contains natural anti-wrinkle properties due to its astringent effect which tightens and tones
·  Sea Fennel is an antioxidant, firming and skin cell regenerating combating the signs of aging. 

Benefits include: anti-aging, anti-oxidant, firming, anti-wrinkles, cell regeneration, environmental protection

Each product comes in a .51 ounce glass tube with a metal roller ball applicator tip.  I loved this tip because not only are you able to massage your face which aids in circulation and helps the product penetrate your skin better, but the roller ball prevents over-using the product (you know how sometimes you can end up pouring/squirting too much) - so you don't waste product or money!

 In each box you'll receive:
 Santa Giulia   (Face Serum)
 Girolata   (Eye Contour)
 Scandola   (Elixir Oil)

The Santa Giulia face serum zones in on anti-aging and firming.  Use it am & pm before your moisturizer.  I really liked the feel of this.  It gently glided along my face and neck & absorbed quickly. I felt it really primed my face for my moisturizer.

The Girolata is strictly for your under eye area.  The roller ball adds an "ice effect" which feels great and perks up tired eyes, relieving puffiness and helping to alleviate dark circles.  I loved the feel of the light gel and noticed a real change in the fine lines and puffiness I had prior to using.  You apply it and then gently pat into your undereye area with your ring finger (for the lightest touch). It says to use am & pm, but honestly I used it in the middle of the day also - just for a little perk up!!
Lastly, we have the Scandola - which is an elixir oil that helps to stimulate cell renewal. You may recall a review I did on another facial oil, which I didn't care for because it was so heavy on my I was a little skeptical when I tried the Solyvia Scandola.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised.  While it is an oil, it is not greasy.  It is just what I would want a facial oil to be.  Non-greasy and fast to absorb.  My skin didn't feel slick or clogged or unhealthy. It felt dewy and fresh.  I loved this facial oil.   You can use it day or night - but avoid the eye area.
These products are all very strongly fragranced - so you get the bonus of an aromatherapy session as well!! They are all fresh & woodsy scented, but they are strong.  If you have sensitivities to fragrance, you may want to keep that in mind.
Overall, I really enjoyed this trio.  I loved the packaging and I really loved the way it felt on my skin.  I actually looked forward to doing my morning & night skin care routine!!
To find out more about these products, you can visit Solyvia on Facebook or on Twitter

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions & experiences are 100% my own.


  1. I absolutely LOVE my Solyvia Cosmetique Beauty Box Trio. I put them in the fridge and the cold roller ball really "wakes up" my skin in the morning!

    1. I took your advice and put the eye serum on the fridge and're right - it wakes you up and feels extra amazing!

  2. Wow, this looks great. And very French! I think I may treat myself to this - and I like the commenter who said to put them in the fridge - what a good idea. Thanks, both of you!

    1. Susan is right on the money - I tried it ice cold and it's even better!!

  3. Looks nice. I love the delivery system...a roller ball is so quick and easy.

    1. Love the roller ball too - I feel I'm always wasting product because it squirts out too much and you can never really put it back into the tube - but this applicator really gives you just the right amount and you get the added benefit of massaging your skin!

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