Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sweet Dreams with the Reverie Sweet Slumber Pillow - Review

I received a product at no charge in order to write this review

We have 8 pillows on our Husband likes to pretty much 'igloo' himself in pillows at night. Under his head, between his knees, under his feet, clutching's a real scene!

I am a minimalist when it comes to pillows.  I like the one I like...a few when I'm propped up to read (or blog in the middle of the night!) - but when it comes to sleep, finding that just right pillow is always a process. Kind of like when you try on a pair of shoes at the store...they might feel great for that one minute you have them on...but an hour later, your feet are killing you.  I've done that with pillows too - smooshed it in the store and thought "this will work"...then get home and actually try to sleep on it...and off it goes into the pillow pile!

I also love the feel of a feather down pillow - but I just won't buy them because of the horrific way they're cultivated and I love animals too much to consciously buy something that stems from their suffering.

Sweet dreams await

Luckily, there are down alternatives out there - and Reverie has a pillow that will please just about everybody - the Sweet Slumber pillow.

Delivered in a reusable plastic storage bag

The Sweet Slumber Pillow is filled with shredded rubber latex which makes it smooshy, yet firm - holding its know how some pillows look nice and fat, but then as soon as you put your head on it, you're basically touching the mattress?! This isn't that pillow.

Squishy, yet supportive

Your head and spine are supported in such a way that you will wake up without any aches and pains you might associate with a less supportive pillow.

The pillow is also hypo-allergenic and is resistant to dust mites!  I love the fact that it comes encased in a 100% cotton cover that's completely removable for easy washing. 

Handy removable case

I noticed right off the bat that this pillow is big and heavy!! It's definitely not the pillow you're going to grab to take to the airport with you to cozy up to on the flight...but luckily they also have a travel pillow - so all your bases are covered!

My 'regular' pillow and the Sleep Slumber pillow
As for how I slept on it. Honestly, not very well the first couple of days. It was so different from my regular pillow and I have been trying to sleep more on my back (completely for vanity reasons so I don't wrinkle my face!!) - I just didn't find it worked well for me for that.  However, when I switched to my side, that was honestly the best sleep I've had in a long time. 

I'm also a pillow 'flipper' and will flip my pillow at least ten times throughout the night.  I found the Sleep Slumber pillow kept cooler than my other pillow and I didn't need to flip....which probably also contributed to me being able to sleep better as a whole!

The Sleep Slumber pillow is definitely a high quality alternative to a traditional down pillow and will give you the support your body needs to stay pain free through the night. Nothing is worse than waking up sore from sleeping!!

This pillow is available in Standard/Queen size for $89.00 or King size for $99.00

Reverie also has a full line of mattresses - "Sleep Systems" - that look absolutely heavenly!

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Reverie's motto is: "Sleep well tonight. Live better tomorrow." - and I think the Sleep Slumber pillow is a great way to achieve that!!


Disclaimer: I received a Sleep Slumber pillow in order to facilitate this review. I received no other form of compensation. This post is based on my own experiences with and personal opinion of this product. Your opinion may differ.


  1. I have a very hard time finding a pillow that works for me. I need just the right amount of firmness to not wake up with a back or neck ache. I like that this one seemed to stay cool.

  2. ANYTHING for a better night's sleep! This sounds like something I will need to try...

  3. My husband and I are both one pillow people,but we definitely know which pillow is ours. We like what we like and its hard to sleep on something else. I like the idea of I being soft but firm and hypoallergenic. Thanks for being honest about not sleeping well at first.


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