Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Love of Catalogs Runs Deep

You know, it really is the little things in life.  Like going to the mailbox and finding your favorite mail order catalog staring up at you.  Ahhh, hello old friend....I've been expecting you!!

I always have the best of intentions to go through them all, but lately it just feels like I don't have enough I either stack them by my side of the bed (the area my Husband has affectionately termed "Hoarder's Corner") or they're in my "Library"...aka: the bathroom. Luckily he and I don't have to share one, so it's my own little wonderland of 'stuff'.

I have a few catalogs that I would probably order out of every day if I could....and fully plan on when I win Powerball.

**Stonewall Kitchen -- I love this catalog and dream of filling my kitchen with all their delectable specialty foods: gourmet jams & jellies, sauces, mixes, and quirky gadgets.

**West Elm -- I love their modern furniture...makes me think of Key West coolness...comfy, with just the right amount of modern...not the stuff that looks like it should be in a spaceship!

**Serena & Lily -- Great home decor and the colors they use in their items...and love that they have everything down to fabric and paint too to pull a room together

**Murray McMurray Hatchery -- this is an odd one that I never throw out...even though chances are pretty high I won't ever be able to use it.  You can buy baby chicks online. I keep this catalog on the rare happening that we have a farm one day and I'd love to have a couple of chickens as pets!! Fresh eggs!  I have to say the thought of them being shipped in the mail is a little unnerving. I also have a weird collection of farm equipment & seed catalogs. Maybe I was a farmer in a past life. Hmmmm...

**Lafayette 148 -- They have really chic & feminine clothing -- the kind you'd wear to look well put together in NYC....or while traveling to the Hamptons.

speaking of....

**Lilly Pulitzer -- I have long loved anything Lilly for that touch of preppy -- need a perfect dress to wear to a beach wedding...look no further.  

**Harrods -- Another catalog I can't part with.  I've had a credit card for this iconic London Department Store for about 15 years...and while I rarely use it, I make sure it does get a little use....just for the perks of getting their catalog....err "catalogue"! Besides, one never knows when one will be invited to the Queen's Box at Royal Ascot.......does one?

...and last, but not least...

**Sur La Table -- I'd say kitchen goods would probably be the top 'genre' of catalogs I love finding in the mailbox...and Sur La Table has every type of cookware, bakeware, gadgetry, and tabletop items you can imagine. 

I'd also like to give an honorable mention, even though they don't have a mail order catalog, to Shabby Apple -- for their wonderful retro & vintage inspired clothing that still has a modern look about them. I think they could get me to wear a dress every day of the week, but they have pants, skirts, swimwear, accessories, and more! While no actual pages for me to circle all my favorites, they do have a Wishlist - which is one of my favorite 'insomniac moment' things to do!!

The great thing about catalogs, as I've recently found out, is they're great for when you're laid up in bed! When I had no energy to put forth to read an actual book, the catalog was always there to entertain with minimal effort.  I took my little Sharpie marker and circled everything my little heart desires.  I will strategically leave these catalogs where my Husband can find know, for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because occasions.

...but even when it's time to throw them I really don't end up on an episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive"....I can take comfort in knowing that next season, or next month, there will be a new shiny one coming for me in the mail to dream those dreamy little dreams with.

Am I the only one in my catalog 'weirdness'?  Do you have any favorite catalogs you look forward to getting?? 

Look at the time! The mailman should have delivered by now!!


Disclaimer; I have no affiliation with any of these companies and have received no compensation whatsoever by writing this post. Just sharing some faves with my readers


  1. I enjoy looking at catalogs as well.
    I have craft and clothing catalogs. But like you I put them into recycling or toss.
    (I even worked for a catalog for a number of years).

  2. You're definitely not the only one with a catalog "weirdness," as you call it ;). I have been a catalog fan since I was a small child. My grandmother would get the ginormous JC Penney Christmas catalog every year and I would spend hours upon hours browsing it and putting little stars by everything I liked. I still do the same thing every time a catalog lands in my mailbox. In fact, I prefer paper catalogs vs online for that very reason!!! Sure, you can save things online and pin them and all that fun stuff, which is great, but its just not the same. I get a couple that are "occupation" specific, like the behind the chair catalog and one for outdoor irrigation systems... I know it sounds weird, but I love them. My daughter is in beauty school and sil owns a shop, so the btc catalog comes in handy because I can actually order things I want though many things require a license.

  3. Back when I stayed home with my boys (when they were little) I loved catalogs. I also loved ordering stuff because it meant that I would get a fun delivery. Now I'm more of an Amazon shopper/looker!!

  4. I get a few catalogs and my daughter gets several but none of the ones you've mentioned. I would love to have some hens and fresh eggs, too!

  5. Hello, my name is Tina and I am a hoarder..... of magazines and catalogs. Also piled in a corner by my bed!

  6. You have some variety in your favorites and many that I had never heard of. It's amazing how many there are. It seems like we get catalogs daily so it's easy for them to pile up. I order from Blair and Landsend a lot, but the ones that get me close to real trouble are Precious Moments and Yankee Candle.

  7. I love catalogs too! My favoriate is Dover Saddlery!

  8. haha I also get so excited when I get a new catalog in the mail! No idea why since I've probably already seen everything in it online anyway ;) VS Swimsuit is my favorite because it's usually the first sign that summer is coming!

  9. I used to get catalogs, but stopped when I realize that I was killing trees and not ordering from them. I shop on the internet.

    slehan at juno dot com


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