Thursday, March 6, 2014

Singing in the Rain: Umbrellas Too Pretty To Leave Behind!

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I'm looking forward to Spring - having had juuuuuust about enough of this Winter. As I was going through my closet, I came across a plethora of ugly umbrellas....which is okay since I am the person that leaves her umbrella at the restaurant, on the train, in the cab.....  

So I wanted to find an umbrella so irresistibly pretty, I wouldn't even dream of accidentally leaving it behind anywhere!

Here's some contenders....and they're all $50 or less!!

Which one do you like best?


Singing in the Rain

Cath Kidston umbrella

Betsey Johnson pink bubble umbrella

Silver umbrella

Cutie blue umbrella

Orange umbrella

Fulton umbrella

Travel umbrella

Forever 21 travel umbrella

Forever 21 umbrella


  1. What lovely umbrellas. I am loving that butterfly one.

  2. forever 21 has some cute umbrellas

  3. Ohhhhh I love that red one from forever 21!!! I have an issue with always breaking my umbrellas though so I never end up buying cute ones for fear I will ruin them..

  4. I have one umbrella but it is a cheap one and doesn't work right. I would like one of these.

  5. cheryla lister, cherylann62996@aol.comMarch 6, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    I like the travel umbrella in rainbow colors.

  6. I like the Cutie Blue one from ModCloth. Very "me!"

  7. What great designs. They have their uses. The rainbow colored is just fun, perfect for singing in the rain. The butterflies is a beautiful, springy design, and the gray is a classic everyday. There are now lots of fun kids character umbrellas too.

  8. I really like the Silver umbrella from modcloth, its been amiserable cold rainy, snowy winter, I probably should get a new umbrella to brighten things up a bit.

  9. I just love umbrellas! They are a great fashion accessory. My favorite one above is the Betsey Johnson pink bubble umbrella - good choice!

  10. These are super cute! I love the red umbrella!

  11. The clouds or the butterfly ones. Hesitant with the butterfly one...wish they were smaller and scattered about with a black background - but hey, I'm not the designer. :P I really love the bubble umbrellas though - do they keep you dryer than regular umbrellas?

  12. I like the rainbow one: Travel umbrella by modcloth


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