Monday, August 25, 2014

Fashion: Kitten Heels - Yes? No? Maybe So?

I'm seeing more and more kitten heels when I'm out and about and most of the time I think they're really cute - the lower heel is a more manageable height for most women, while still looking feminine (think Audrey Hepburn!).  I think they're also very versatile, from skinny crop pants to dresses - I've even seen them paired with dressier shorts.

A kitten heel is defined as "a curvy type of heel, typically between 1"-2". Most that I've seen have a pointy toe - which can look adorable if you have a smaller foot.  I have giant boats (9.5-10), so adding an extra 2" to a toe point just makes them look huge. When I wear them, I fully expect a cop to pull me over off the sidewalk and ask for my license & registration!!

Now has that stopped me from buying kitten heels? No of course not. My favorite pair are these embroidered ones from Miu Miu. They called out to me........and I answered cause I'm nice like that.

I never realized until I was out shopping with my girlfriends, that women seem to love or hate kitten heels.  One friend said they were "awesome", while another said they were something "Grandma would wear"...and another said they look like "a heel a 12 year old would get".  This is also the friend that wears 6" heels to go put a letter in the mailbox.

There are some ways you can wear kitten heels that will put you more on the 'awesome' side then the '12 year old/Grandma' side.....(clarification - not a '12 year old Grandma' - this isn't the Maury Povich show!!)

Here's a few of my favorite looks:

Casual Luxe featuring the kitten heel

Casual Luxe featuring the kitten heel by myfabfitforties

This is a look I'd throw together if I was running out to grab some coffee with my gals on the weekend. Don't be afraid to mix less expensive pieces with a few luxury items. I am drooling over that green Chanel coat! (and when I find $3,000 in the couch cushions, it's mine!!)

You can also incorporate kitten heels into a more professional look - and you probably won't have to worry so much about your feet killing you like if you were wearing 5" heels!

Business Style featuring Kitten Heels

Business Style featuring Kitten Heels by myfabfitforties 

...and of course they're perfect for a night out on the town!

Celebrate featuring Kitten Heels

Celebrate featuring Kitten Heels by myfabfitforties 

So where do you fall in the kitten heel debate? Like, love, whatever, eh, yuck, or no way?!  



  1. Love the casual easiness of the sweater and jeans of the first look. The fun green jacket lets you bring in that pop of color, and I think the kitten heels would be a way to dress it up. I like them for some occasions and outfits plus many people want a lower heel...not just 12 year olds.

  2. NO!,NO!,NO! Those look painful! I used to torture myself with the pointed toe high heels when I was young. Now, it's strictly comfort for me.

  3. I would like to try some of the fragrances. I haven't shopped with this company yet.

  4. I love these high heels not too high and super pretty. I am so done with wearing high heels but these are the perfect heigth.

  5. This is the first I've ever heard of kitten heels! The shoes are cute, but I would probably not wear them on my larger feet.

  6. I think kitten heels are a great compromise. They look stylish but don't kill your feet if you're walking or standing all day like those stilettos!

  7. Those embroidered shoes are adorable! I love kitten heels for a more casual look, and I think grandma-ness has more to do with the shoe silhouette than the heel height (now I'm picturing grandma style platforms!).

  8. The pointed toe looks very uncomfortable. They remind me of witch costume shoes. I wouldn't wear those anywhere!

  9. I love the embroidery. I do not wear pointy or heeled shoes. I love my feet (and my arms as they would be catching me from falling on my face) too much :)


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