Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

It’s no secret anymore! Losing weight after 40 is now extremely easy. Whether you’re diabetic, obese or depressed, you can slim down and live a healthier life. With the assistance of a personal trainer, you can manage your weight naturally. But not every middle-aged woman is a huge fan of the gym. If running on a treadmill is not your thing, keep in mind the following tips to successfully shed weight after 40 with recognition to Gym To You in Adelaide, South Australia.

Lift weights

As you age, you start to lose muscle mass. Since muscle mass burns calories, you should retain it in order to lose weight. Lifting weights increases your muscle mass and also helps you maintain bone density during menopause. When you lift weights, your muscles tighten and you attain a slimmer appearance. To fast-track weight loss, ditch the little dumbbells for heavier weights.

Eat real food

It’s no surprise that fast foods are higher in calories, sodium, sugar and fats than whole foods. Eliminating processed foods and skipping fad diets can have a large impact on your weight. Eating whole foods keeps you fit and healthy as these foods don’t have artificial ingredients or added additives, and are not overly processed. Often, foods full of starch and sugar are processed. So skip the sodas and stick to dairy and water.

Adjust portion sizes

Portion sizes have doubled and even tripled over the years. An increase in portion sizes leads to bigger waistlines. As you grow older, you need fewer calories. Eating extra calories than usual can translate into weight gain. To limit portion sizes, use smaller luncheon plates. When eating out, order from the kid’s menu or split your meal.

Take long walks

Walking is one of the best low impact exercises you can do. It engages the muscles and is light on the joints. Too much sitting contributes to weight gain – and walking is a good way to counter all that sitting. Walking after meals improves weight loss and regulates blood sugar levels. Additionally, walking can ease body pains and aches. For middle-aged women, jogging mitigates weight gain and alleviates the effects of ageing.


Perhaps your diet is not healthy, or it lost its nutrients during the ripening, packaging and delivery process. This means you won’t get all the nutrients you require. Therefore, supplement your food with vitamins to boost your weight loss. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils have significant health benefits associated with obesity and heart disease. As you age, you also need calcium to aid in weight loss and to help prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Manage stress

Stressed people lose less weight than those who are non-stressed. During times of stress, cortisol (or the stress hormone) is released. It affects metabolic rates and blood sugar levels, making it hard to lose any weight. Therefore, add a stress management program to your plan.

Get sufficient sleep

Poor sleep may lead to low energy levels and fatigue. Low energy levels decrease physical activity and increase cravings for high starch foods. Getting eight hours of slumber reduces weight gain and improves your overall quality of life. Head over to the personal trainer on Vimeo for more after 40 tips.

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