Guide to Holistic Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

A Proper Guide to Holistic Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

If you pick up the daily newspaper, you will come across various news bulletins which will tell you about the number of people dying of drug or alcohol abuses in different parts of the world. If you also have such types of additions in life, you will know how it can seriously impact your behavior and brain in a negative way. It is true that both drugs and alcohol provide a pleasurable and rewarding feeling which can whitewash your brain and make you use them uncontrollably. It is here that you should know that addiction to any substance robs you of your self-control and the end result is a compulsive tendency.  This is why is very important to get the help you need and the Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers is a great place to start.

What Do You Mean By Holistic Treatment?

According to the NIDA or National Institute on Drug Abuse, along with the SAMHSA or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, treatments for substance abuse mainly target wellness and addiction in comprehensive ways. You must have heard about the term Holistic Treatment. It is basically a term which is widely used to describe any type of substance abuse treatment program which primarily focuses on improving the overall well-being of the person, instead of just addressing the issues concerning the substance abuse. Holistic Treatment helps to promote wellness in the body, mind, as well as, spirit with the sole belief that any sort of imbalance in these factors can easily give rise to unwanted results.

It is often seen that many people, who suffer from addictions to various substances, face with multiple problems related to the smooth functioning of several areas. However, not every program will offer holistic services. Holistic treatment for addictions aim at addressing the various shortcomings, which may be due to other addiction treatment methods, with the help of a multidimensional approach along with several services and therapies.

  • Emotional Health: State of your mental health and the various symptoms, along with the ability to cope with different daily stressors.
  • Environmental Status: Surrounding neighborhood, your home, stability, and safety.
  • Finances: Expenses, debt, income, along with your personal satisfaction concerning your financial status.

Approaches Used In the Treatment

As discussed before, holistic treatment programs come with a variety of services, which is important since they focus on addressing your multiple needs.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This is a popular style of therapy which basically links your thoughts and beliefs to your actions and feelings. It aims at building your coping skills and, at the same time, it identifies the stressors and situations that can easily threaten sobriety.
  2. Motivational Interviewing: This method aims at strengthening your inner urge to lead a drug free life, which is the main factor in any type of addiction whether drug or alcohol addiction.
  3. Family Therapy: This therapy aims at building a strong communication and connection skills with your own family members and other near and dear ones.
  4. Contingency Management: This therapy is designed to help you reinforce your sober lifestyle choices and activities to counter the pleasurable and rewarding effects of substance addiction.