Why Fitness Is Important for Quality Sleep

Why Fitness Is Important for Quality Sleep

It is an open secret that most adults struggle to fall asleep at night yet they may feel sleepy during daytime hours. This phenomenon is highly undesirable and harmful to the health of individuals in the long run. The question is why this is so common yet numerous scientific studies have shown that individuals who constantly exercise and regularly have better sleep patterns.

Regular exercise can help one sleep better. A common experience with everyone is exhaustion that one has after doing some exhausting exercise or activity such as a hike or working on an intensive assignment at work. If these experiences lead to a person feeling sleepy then shouldn’t this also happen when people exercise? Exactly, this is the case.

A study published in the Journal Sleep Medicine showed that individuals who undertook moderately intense workouts such as running reported getting 75 more minutes of sleep in a night. Let us look at the ways fitness improves sleep patterns.

  1. Exercise reduces depression

A major cause of sleep deprivation among adults is depression. Exercise plays a major role in reducing depressive symptoms.  Studies have shown that people are less likely to relapse into depression if they exercise regularly.

  1. Exercises prepares one for sleep

Exercise or physical activity has a chemical effect on the brain. Physical activity allows for more production of a chemical called adenosine in the brain. Adenosine is responsible for making one feel sleepy.

  1. Exercise helps one maintain their circadian rhythm

Undertaking some fitness regime helps one maintain their circadian rhythm, which is the internal body clock. By doing exercise one can achieve a deeper and more restorative sleep. This leads to better sleep patterns due to the synchronization of day and night cycles by the body’s internal clock.

The timing and intensity of exercise at any time affects the quality and the quantity of sleep. Per research reported in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in September 2014 people who reported greater physical effort before going to bed could fall asleep quicker, they enjoyed deeper sleep and experienced fewer sleep interruptions during the night.

However, not all fitness exercises before sleep lead to better quality or immediate sleep. High-intensity activities lead to an increased post gym time heart rate which is usually likely to delay sleep. Workouts of low intensity are best just before going to sleep. Moderate workouts such as yoga, pilates or barre are important in helping soothe pre-sleep anxiety. To achieve better sleep its best to do light to moderate physical activity in the evening. These fitness activities help one to decompress and wind down in a calm relaxed manner.

Keeping fit by doing regular exercise will lead to a better feeling during the day and will also allow you to have quality sleep at night meaning you will wake up less during the night. It has been scientifically proven that a regular fitness routine reduces sleep deprivation and leads to deeper and longer sleep. Research suggests that afternoon exercise is the best in establishing normal circadian rhythms which lead to the right quantity and quality of sleep. The final quick tip is to get a good mattress to sleep on. Use nectarmattresscoupons.org/ to grab a deal and purchase a comfortable bed.

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